TATRAS always considers interesting partnerships with brands that are in line with the characteristic features of the TATRAS DNA: innovation, quality and design. Among these a special partnership with Dita Eyewear for the creation of two pairs of glasses with the name DITA X TATRAS. The American eyewear brand, famous for its philosophy aimed at the use of the finest materials, innovative design and guided by the irreplaceable artisan production process, found in TATRAS a partner able to share the same values, philosophy and product language.

With Mogg, the company found a collaborative partner in the area of interior design. Mogg is synonymous with furnishing accessories with a recognizable, clean design that combines aesthetic emotion and function entirely made in Italy. The collaboration with Mogg has led to an eco-friendly limited edition by customizing a sofa and ottoman with TATRAS down jackets presented in the last two editions of Milano Design Week and Fuorisalone. TATRAS celebrated with Dita and Mogg the creative experimentation and the purest contamination sharing with them a passionate approach to the study of uniqueness.


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