A limited edition of 7 patchwork pieces, made with the iconic fabrics of the brand’s past and current collections. Along with the imposing installation by Duilio Forte, these narrate the important ethical theme of recycling.

The collection is made with materials from finished products that have been regenerated to take on a new life. It is a strong message from creative director Masanaka Sakao with the intention of raising awareness of the theme and starting a responsible buying process.

Nylon and natural fabrics, jacquard weaves, solids and velvet have over eighty oriented volumes. Fabrics feature a sophisticated jacquard 3D effect and camo paint and jungle prints typical of the brand. Technical water resistant and windproof fabrics have a denim effect or a lightweight, avant-garde rainwear look.

Duilio Forte has intervened together with Masanaka Sakao to emphasize the concept. The installation, born of a collaboration with art director Angelo Jelmini, explores the theme of weaving and layers. Wood, which precisely records the passage of time since the birth of the tree, is “hybridized” with other contemporary materials like nylon and fabric to form a unique emotional chimera. The imposing labyrinth-like work evokes the cocoon concept of nests and forests. In getting lost and finding the way it is possible to reflect on the past and the present, ethics and aesthetics.